Best New Product of the Aughts:

CW Skimmer

and its offspring , "-reverse beacon project"

"- reverse beacon project" gives the dxer an unmatched new tool to get spots minutes before AR Cluster spots, eliminating the "human filter". And it gives the dxer a visual propagation picture at a glance, with actual signals heard on the air plottted on a map, in real time.

Step one is CW Skimmer which is a new software package in 2008 from the creator of DX Atlas, Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA, Afreet Software. Skimmer is very powerful in it's own right, decoding multiple CW signals off the air, displaying the text on a PC screen without human intervention. Skimmer developers included a dx cluster spotting server that posts the callsigns it decodes. Taking advantage of Skimmer's amazing capabilities, "- reverse beacon project" gathers those spots from Skimmer servers worldwide, and displays the results on a web page. The spots are plotted on a map where they may be viewed real time for the whole world at a glance.

Some hams would like to know only what's being heard in Colorado, not the whole world. Therefore, spots exclusively from W0QL may be viewed at

Skimmer spots will appear minutes before AR Cluster spots, giving skimmer users an edge. This method is superior to traditional AR Cluster spots because the DXer isn't depending on hams to physically post the spot, eliminating the "human filter" and the time delay.


Please use and enjoy the W0QL CW Skimmer implementions. Questions and comments are welcome at