A Tour Of The Antenna Farm

My Other Antennas

"Four Foot" Vertical
AEA Loop
23' Vertical
Ground mounted Screwdriver
Mobile installation
Tower installation
10m Beacon Antenna

The Tower

This amazing 100' tower tilts over at the base so I can work on the antennas from the ground.

Click here to see tower lowering.

Click here to see tower installation.

It is all aluminum and has a motorized steel folding plate, made by Heights Tower.

There are no guy wires. The anchor rods are sunken into a concrete block that measures 6'X6' and is 7 feet deep.

The antenna is a Force-12 Model C3 at 105 feet. There is also a 6m beam at 95 feet. It has since been replaced with a 27' dipole and a Smartuner.

2008 Update: The six meter beam is now on the roof of our house using a non-penetrating roof mount. The 27' dipole has been replaced by multiple wifi and Motorola Canopy access points for my wisp business. The C3 is still there and overachieving, for a 2 element beam.

The tower is engineered to withstand winds of 100 mph but the strongest wind recorded at my QTH has been 65 mph. The legs are 34 inches apart at the base and taper to 18 inches at the top.

This is the motorized folding plate. The hinge is on the left; the motor on the right.
There is a 1.25" worm gear and gimble that causes the tower to tilt as the motor turns.
It takes about 20 minutes for the whole operation to complete.