Arizona Vacation 2002

The trip took place during the week of March 24, 2002, driving from Denver to Phoenix by way of Sedona and Prescott, to see a Colorado Rockies Spring Training game in Tempe; then on to Tucson for a game at Hi Corbett Field. On the free day Biosphere 2 was toured.

Tour of the Biosphere 2 - First time public tours are allowed inside
Rockies Game in Phoenix - The main reason for the trip was Spring Training
Sedona, Prescott, Scottsdale - Sidetrips to see attractive places-to-live in Arizona
Tucson - A tour of Del Webb Model homes and our accomodations
Rockies Game in Tucson - Hi Corbett Field, the second reason for the trip
Hamming in Arizona - Antennas and hamming from a restricted location

The Biosphere 2 was a highlight. This is the project where volunteers spent 3 years enclosed in a self contained ecosystem as an experiment in the 1990's. That experiment concluded but many others are under way. Tours of the outside have been available since Columbia University took over in 1996 but never before last month were public tours allowed inside the biomes.

Columbia is conducting CO2 studies. The controversy of global warming and greenhouse gases might be resolved right here in Arizona. TOUR of Biosphere 2