Installation of 10m Beacon Antenna.

This beacon operates PSK31 on 28.131Mhz as part of the Beaconet project. The vertical radiator is a 102" CB Whip.

For ground radials once again I use the very effective and easy to construct welded wire fencing laid flat on the ground. There are four radials, each 9' long. Each radial is 3' wide. This forms a nice ground screen and keeps near field ground loss at a minimum.

I used CB hardware because it's cheap and because it tunes up on 10 meters easily.

Even with no pruning the antenna looks like it will be a good match at 28.131Mhz. It's SWR dips to a minimum at 28.300. At 28.120 or so (which is the standard PSK31 frequency) it has an acceptable SWR of 1.5:1.

The resistance reads 36 ohms indicating a perfectly reflecting ground plane. To improve the match slightly I later inserted a Palomar variable unun into the line with an input set to 32 ohms. This transforms the 36 ohms of the antenna to match the 50 ohm coax better.

To make it a little harder to see in the yard I spray painted the white fiberglass whip black.