The online 'Blog' phenomenon

By John Dvorak PC Magazine February 5, 2002, 4:15 AM PT

COMMENTARY--A recent overlooked Web trend--overlooked by the mainstream media, at least--is the proliferation of public diaries, generically referred to as Blogs. The term originated from "WeB log" and was further promoted by as a Blog at its site, although is considered the original source of easy-to-use Web logging. People who "Blog" are called Bloggers, and right now there are hundreds, thousands of Blogs on the Net.

The vanity page is dead; long live the Blog. The vanity Web page has lost momentum. People who posted one have already done so, and the growth has slowed. Most are uninteresting and uninspired. Cat pictures dominate too many of them. A Blog is the next iteration, and most vanity site mavens have gravitated toward these things. Serious vanity site developers have gone into posting hobby or special-interest sites, having learned by experience how to make an attractive Web page. This is, indeed, progress.