Wallpaper Collection



Designed to resemble the old style Colorado license plates with the mountains shown in forest green and the sky in white.

Space was made for a printed label with the QSO information to be stuck on the card at the top. Name and address is on the left. On the right is county and email and website address. Hopefully this card will stand out on the wall.

Designed and printed in Russia by

Octavia .

Ham Plate

Speaking of license plates, this is what the current Colorado ham plates look like.

The mountains are now white presumably with snow and the sky is now dark green. Instead of imbossed metal, these are printed plastic.

The plate says "SCL" on the left hand side which stands for "Special Call Letters". Notice the UPC in the lower right hand corner. I'm not sure what that's for but it sure looks high tech.


One of the most coveted pieces of paper in amateur radio, this is the certificate issued by the ARRL under the DXCC program. The original certificate is issued after submitting one hundred countries.

As a DXer works more countries, confirms and has them checked, the ARRL sends little red stickers called "endorsements".

Two missing awards are the Five Band DXCC and the DX Challenge, my next two goals.

The License

A license to have fun,
the amateur radio "ticket".