This gentleman has some head gear like you can't imagine. He's been wearing this contraption
to Dayton every year for the last ten that I know of.

A Heathkit anyone? Collectors items from an era gone by, sadly.

One man's junk is another man's....oh, you know.

This is K8BVY on the, I mean on the right. Complete with an autographed bra.

I wouldn't want to be at your house when you bring THAT home!

Hey! I can sell you a good laptop, CHEAP!

This map gives an impression of how big the Hamvention actually is.

Classic items that are rare and hard to find are a specialty at Dayton.

The first time my wife, Marge, attended a swapfest she looked around and said,
"Oh, now I see what hamfests are for. They're to keep hams out of the city dump."

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