Is DX just like any other hobby or pastime? Or, should it be seen more like a way of life, a state of mind? ---Martti Laine, Where Do We Go Next?

Nihiles Ante Unum! (Zeroes Before Ones!) ---Kansas City DX Club)

One of the most coveted pieces of paper in amateur radio, this is the certificate issued by the ARRL under the DXCC program. The original certificate is issued after submitting one hundred countries.

As a DXer works more countries, confirms them and has them checked, the ARRL sends little red stickers called "endorsements".

For me this has been the most sought after "sticker" of all. It took me 26 years to achieve. This plaque is awarded when a DXer has confirmed all but nine of the current countries. In 2015 that number is 340. In my case 332 current countries have been confirmed. Next goal? Top of the Honor Roll, meaning "worked 'em all".