ARA Hamfest February 17, 2002
Adams County Fairground

The first indication of what attendance is going to be like is the line to get in. This one looked promising and it was.

It was packed like the hamfests of old in Colorado with a good variety of equipment never offered before. Not like the trend recently of the same old stuff over and over again. There wasn't a single empty table.

This DISH-TV satellite was recycled by Dr. Robert Suding, W0LMD. His new product is a computer controlled dish positioner.

The crowd, however, seemed more interested in what he was doing with the dishes themselves.

A surplus company near San Antonio offered hard to find microwave pieces like shown on these racks.

They had racks and racks of small parts with sma connectors (code for "microwave connectors") along with attenuators and semi-flex coax lines.

These HP Signal Generators are old but continue to be useful. They only go up to 10Mhz so they were slow sellers but at only $25 each they were probably a good bargain.

The wonder stack. Here is a 50Ghz TDR priced at $75....just joking, just joking.

If you missed this hamfest there is always another one. The next one is the Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association hamfest on Saturday, June 1 at Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument. Doors open at 8:00 AM. For tables contact Carlos Caro, KB0REI at (719)579-9002.