The "Matrix"

This is called the "Matrix" after the film of the same name only this matrix enables the connection of several antennas to several rigs.

It avoids having multiple coax switches or relays and is easy to visualize what's connected to what. The connections can be changed without going around to the back of the equipment.

It also provides a good "ground window" for lightning protection. A #6 ground wire goes from the shell all the way back to the common ground for the house at the AC entrance. All coaxes pass through this "window" and hopefully will protect the shack in the event of a lightning strike.

This is the "before" picture. All the cables came in through this hole in the sheet rock.

Now the steel cabinet of the matrix covers the hole. Before this improvement coaxes terminated on the equipment and to make changes one had to go around back of the equipment.

Some of these cables come from the conduit within the wall that goes into the ceiling for cables with in the house. Most of the cables come from outside through a conduit entrance unit.

The pink rope is a pull cord that runs up inside the conduit for pulling through new cables in the future.

The two orange cables are 12V lines to the SGC Smartuners and the High Sierra Screwdriver antenna.

Construction Of The "Matrix"

Deburring the large holes for the cable so no sharp edges could cut the pvc or vinyl jackets. This is an old cable-TV amplifier housing.

First seven small (5/8") holes were drilled for the coax feedthrough connectors. Next the 3" holes for the cables were sawed out with a jig saw.

A handful of feed through connectors ready to be installed.

Low Pass Filters. Filters are always good.

Assembly completed and ready to mount.

A peek at the inside right before mounting and adding cables.

Mounted so that it covers the original hole in the sheet rock.

Labelled and connected. How pretty.

A look inside once the cables have been installed.