My Next Stealth Antenna

Wouldn't this fiberglass lamp post be a great hiding place for a screwdriver antenna or a short handcrafted vertical? I am considering building one of these. The lantern could be the top hat. Looks pretty easy to get approved by the architectural committee.

It's not sold as an antenna, just as a lamp post but when I first saw it the little gears started turning in my head. Looks like it might be a good solution for a covenant controlled community.

It would need a good radial system and welded-wire fencing laid flat and stapled down in the grass should work fine (so long as no one aerates). I ran across these lamp posts on the Web at

These shells are designed to fit over an existing 3" metal lamp post, or to stand alone by themselves as a new installation.

Instead of a screwdriver antenna inside I might build a 3" diameter vertical antenna with a center loading coil and the lantern as the top hat. Post Impressions even makes a side bracket that would help with the top hat capacitance. The roomy 13" base could house a pretty hefty base loading coil or a SGC Smartuner.

I'm guessing the performance would be similar to a mobile or a little better as long as the antenna is away from the house.

With a handcrafted 3" vertical the lantern wires could run up the center inside the vertical. Skin effect should keep the RF and the AC seperated adequately.

Here's a better TOP HAT! I spotted this great lamp post near my work location and instantly said, "Now THAT's what I need." Three lanterns instead of one should make a GREAT top hat.