PSK31 Mobile In Motion


Bill Rinker, W6OAV and I discovered the wonders of PSK31 about the same time. We both love mobile operation so a decision came naturally to marry a trip to Dayton with PSK31 and go PSK31 Mobile In Motion.

To our knowledge we are the first ones to do it. At least we'd never talked to anyone else who did it.

I had just gotten a new car so the first step was to install an HF mobile in it. See Mobile Installation.

The next step was to obtain a laptop and build an interface.

I was lucky enough to get a laptop on eBay and built an interface in an Altoids box (ooh, is that UGLY). I patterned the circuit after the West Mountain Radio RIGblaster and like a RIGblaster, it worked flawlessly.

The HF rig is just super--an ICOM IC-706MKIIG. It's builtin DSP is great for SSB but PSK seems to be oblivious to ignition noise so we didn't need DSP.

One person drove and the other worked PSK. When we told people we were mobile in motion a few poor soles actually thought there was only one person in the car. They thought we were driving and typing at the same time!

We worked a ton of contacts, both domestic and DX, and had a ball doing it.

Did we work YOU? Check the LOG.