Some Thoughts On My Web Site

Why Am I Building A Web Site?

(I Want My Web Site To Be...)

I want my web site to be like sitting down with a new issue of QST magazine. There would be lots of interesting articles with personal experiences and specific examples to hold ones attention a little while. It should have enough attraction to draw one back a few times. My target audience is a ham or prospective ham who is looking for some entertainment. What I am not expecting is for many people to bookmark my site because like QST, once it's been read it's tossed. Same with my web site. If one finds something they specifically want to refer to again they can bookmark that particular link or copy it and file it. I never intended to make any money from my site. I have intentionally not copyrighted my site and I am giving it away free to anyone who wants it.

I want my web site to be interesting to hams and hold their attention for two or three visits. I want a ham to get a warm fuzzy temporarily and say to himself, "Ooh, that's neat. I want to find out how that guy did that...". I want to have enough depth in my articles to avoid just being fluff. I wish I could come up with a new idea because then I'd have a site that definitely would get bookmarked.

That picture above is how my web site looked from 2001 to 2011 before the current upgrade. I've revised the look several times over the years.

The Mechanics Of Building My Web Site

I knew nothing of how to code a web site in 2001. It looked daunting and overwhelming. Learning how to make a web site was one of my goals. In April, 2001 I went to the library and thumbed through all their web design books and settled on one I could handle with my background. I have programmed over the years off and on in basic and unix shell but only one or two programs here and there, never as a career. I am familiar with the concepts of how to program a computer but not accomplished by any means. I was looking for a book that assumed I knew what programming is and wanted to learn about HTML. I found the perfect book and it is Short Order HTML4 Molly E. Holzschlag, Hayden Books, 1999.

I never went beyond that level of learning. For an editor I used Notepad until I discovered HomeSite 4.0. For quick changes I just use vi. I hope you enjoy the website.